Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congratulations, Dr. Bob!

A new blog--added dutifully to my links here--"Harper Berry Hollow," celebrates Bob's doctorate from UC Santa Cruz (and I presume not CSU Monterey Bay or San José State?) in Education. I'm relieved that it's not from the U. of Phoenix. Now that he's reached his "terminal degree," I am sure we will all have to address his august culmination of his diligent matriculation with appropriate awe and abundant humility.

P.S. I came across not any mention of "Harper Berry Hollow" yet as a phrase on Google, the blog being too new, but all three words appear in a July 1st, 1888, New York Times entry on a Gettysburg commemoration of the Louisiana "Tigers" by General Longstreet. A battle is given as "Harper's berry." And a hoot and a "hollow" echo elsewhere there. So, this fits into "Harry"'s description in the comments page on this initial entry of Chris' looking like a West Virginia Hillary voter. Sort of-- that's the whole reason why we have a Mountaineer State, that internecine fracas.

Bob's doctoral pomp & circumstance

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Chris Berry said...

John...thanks for the thoughtful press...

Who would have thought that we couldn't be googled yet?! As I recently had to pull my personal info off of google due to a cadillac desert oriented threat I received last summer over an illegal water diversion, you can't imagine how much this pleases me.

But that's an aside, your research on the title (which I pulled out of my polyester trucker hat) is fascinating. However, as an original wanna-be mountaineer (my pilgramage there in the early 90s post Dead tour was life changing (but maybe not in a good way)!) I resent that people think I look like a Hillary voter (but that beats a Huckabee voter, I suppose)! I can guarantee that she has never driven a pickup and certainly had to down a few to give a speech from the back of one. When she puts on the poly trucker hat, I'm hers, however.