Sunday, November 8, 2009

What hero from the Táin am I?

You're Fergus Mac Róic, the former king of Ulster and certified sucker. You're tricked into giving the kingship to Conchobar and end up getting used... by everyone around you. You tend to shirk your responsibilities (sometimes getting people killed as a result), but your heart is in the right place-- it's just that nothing seems to work out the way you want it to. Your loyalties are constantly shifting and you are torn between your duty as a subject and your desire for redemption, but you don't let that get in the way of a good fight. You also have the nasty habit of sleeping with the wives of other men, but that's all in good fun, right?.

Underwhelmed. But it's only a myth, right?

Another Facebook Quiz leaves me entertained. Pop-psychology: the most affordable type for my self-diagnosis. Talk about archetypes. Rather humbling, that one.

Back nearly a week but still due to jet-lag feeling like I never left, uh, America or Ireland, I suppose, I figured after my windy stomp atop Tara's hill and Loughcrew's cairn on All Saints' Day, this'd be a fine entry to resume my posts with. More about my jaunts as I slowly recover my sense of time and place.

P.S. Label on "Hijos de Danna" Spanish-language cards. Fergus Mac Róich #3:
"El grito del hijo de Roy se escucho en toda la tierra esmeralda y sú acero es parte de la misma tierra!"
My translation:
"The cry of the son of Roy is heard in all the emerald land and his steel is part of the same land!"

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tamerlane said...

The Magick card hero to epitomize me would be Dermot O'Dyna, and I can tell you I still pine for my Grania.