Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bob & Chris: Married (with no children).

You can see Bob and Chris-- witnessed by Best (wo)Man Layne-- together in Santa Cruz, as they sneak in under the wire ahead of Election Day to make honest men of each other. Considerably dressed down, but perhaps it's as broiling up there as it is here, well in to a nearly hundred-degree Indian Summer? This vowed for, sworn by, affadavit and notarized jumpstart due to Proposition 8, well funded by traditional religious groups, that seeks to define marriage as limited to those of the opposite sex.

We don't think it will pass, and even if it does, it may well be blocked as so many controversial propositions have in court, but it's a bittersweet moment. Bitter since it's a shame that Bob & Chris have to hasten their legalization to outrun the tides of bigotry. Sweet as they at last can cherish their union as a couple with all the rights and privileges (and I hope none of the heartache) that goes with being hitched before a justice of the peace of Santa Cruz County Courthouse, or the lawn out back in that idyllic coastal haven.

Congratulations to Bob and Chris, and I send my love to them. And their lovely witness. Sadly, I could not be there due to 1) having a last-minute presentation mandated at work; 2) not being able to find anyone to look after my sons; 3) having to look after my sons. Says something else about the fruits of lawful wedlock.

(This picture just in from Layne's e-mail, taken only about six hours ago! Note angle of sunbeam shining heavenly blessings upon our happy couple, and trio.)

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harry said...

Thanks my friend for your good thoughts and usual fine words... the gift of language, innate to the Irish no matter how many generations removed. We missed you indeed, but it was perfect to have your bride there. Who'd 'ave thunk any of this? Windows of opportunity letting in that sunlight you point out. Low the angle, in the fall of our years.