Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sinn Féin disdains "dissidents"


To follow up my post two days ago, I wondered about reaction to "Where the Bodies Are Buried" in the New Yorker of 3/16/15 by Patrick Radden Keefe. Irish Media & Niall O'Dowd Greet New Yorker expose of Gerry Adams with embarrassed silence by Ed Moloney on his The Broken Elbow site reports that the Irish Times for all its coverage of other scandals has not devoted attention to this case. Moloney, cited in Keefe's 15,000 word article, notes how O'Dowd's pro-Sinn Féin NYC Irish Voice as well as Dublin's paper of record the Irish Times by contrast gave much attention to the PSNI arresting Gerry Adams a year ago "on matters not a million miles away from the subject matter of Mr Keefe’s impressive article." I witness how the intimidation of Moloney, Anthony and Carrie McIntyre, and others labeled "dissidents" for daring to speak up against the Adams-McGuinness cabal continues, and when Keefe, who cannot be accused of opposing the SF party line, gets ignored or dismissed, this disdain demonstrates the customary attitude of the purportedly "Republican movement" to its critic. (P.S. 3/30/15: New Yorker audio interview with Keefe.)

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