Friday, March 26, 2010

Dílis go bás: Fido, ár chú

Caitheann muid ag dul an dochtúir beithíoch inniu. Cruinnigh Leon agus mé ár chú ar cheile. Thiomaint beirt léi (mar bhí Fido ceann baineann) ar maidín seo.

Níos minic faoi deireanach, bhí sí ag tarraingt na hanála ró-hairde. Mar sin, ní raibh ábalta sísean a codladh go suamnais. D'aithnin ár teaghlach go mbeadh ag imeacht chuici go an taobh thall an tseachtaine seo. Bhí ocht mbliana d'aois aici.

Bhí croí bog aici ormsa i gcónaí. Thít sí i ngrá liom nuair casadh den chéad iarracht. Dhearca muid sna súile ar a chéile.

Thiomnaimh Fido orm go híomlán. Ní raibh madra eile chomh an leamh-phúdal dubh. Chan mé uirthi amhráin amaideachaí.

Is deacair orm a scríobh fúithí. B'fhéidir, insím an scéal brónach duit agus go mbeadh suaimhneas síoraí aici cheana féin. Shíothlaigh sí. Slán leatsa, a Fhido.

Faithful unto death: Fido, our hound.

We had to go to the veterinarian today. Leo and I gathered up our hound together. The two of us drove her (for Fido was a female) this morning.

Very often lately, she was drawing breath too hard. Therefore, she was not able to sleep in peace. Our family knew it would be this week to take her off to the other side. She was eight years old.

She always had a soft spot for myself. She fell in love with me when we met the very first time. Our eyes met.

Fido was devoted totally to me. There was no other dog like the dark half-poodle. I sang silly songs to her.

It is difficult for me to write about her. Perhaps, I tell the sad story to you and she may be in eternal peace already. Farewell to you, o Fido.

(Grianghráfadoir/Photographer: Inga Kornov, ár chomarsa/ our neighbor.)


Chris Berry said...

For some reason your post reminded me of that melancholy (and beautiful) song "Brokedown Palace". The first hit on google for the words "fare the well" brought this up:

1. A condition of utmost perfection

Seems fitting...May Fido rest in utmost perfection and peace be with you all.

Layne said...

Fido was an excellent judge of character and no doggie was ever loved more. You, heart of my heart, were the apple of her eye and made her too short life a sweet one.

Fionnchú said...

Thanks, Chris & Layne, for your kind words. She did live only eight years but they were ones filled with love from her soulful eyes outward to us. I will have to look up "Brokedown Palace"-- I have a hunch it's a Dead song...

Bo said...

So sorry to hear this.

tamerlane said...

So sorry about your cu dubh beg.

When we take on an animal, we sign on to be there for them, every moment, including (especially) the last one.

I have a lot of animals, and have done this more often than I'd rather. But the reason we feel so bad when they leave, is because how good they made us feel while they were here. With that thought, I've found a way to rejoice.

A lifelong alliance won't be betrayed:

Fionnchú said...

Tamerlane, spending your life with horses, I imagine you share quite a bond with these spirited if to me mysterious companions. Thanks for your thoughtful comments verbally and visually.