Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dublin's Irish Pub: an Israeli Chain!

Searching images for yesterday's entry in the admittedly limited keyword combinations of imagery for the woeful likes of "Irish Hebrew" or "Gaeilge Israel," this came up. It deserved its own post. I cannot copy snapshots of the Hebrew menu under the faux-traditional Irish pub sign outside the door, but I assure you it's a rare meeting of Gaelic grub (no ham except in godless Rehovot) and Israel's national script. It also nicely contradicts a couple of stereotypes. Here, the happy hour has a two-for-one incentive; the generous pour's on the Jewish side of the ledger. I wonder how far you'd have to crawl to find this pub largess in many Hibernian watering holes, no matter where else long established or newly franchised?

Here's a review posted by Josh (NYC2TLV) at Virtual Tourist which reveals better than I can at my diasporic distance the culture clash, globalization, and one's demand for reward within a stiff drink no matter where you dustily trudge. Not for nothing, I might add, it's behind McDonalds to boot.

Nightlife Spot: Dublin: Irish Pub

Dublin is a growing chain of Irish pubs in Israel. They have two other locations in Rehovot and Herzliya but I found that this location is the biggest and has the best layout out of any of them. The best time to go is during happy hour as they have a limited time offer of buy one drink and receive your second for free. Generally, the Israeli people are not big drinkers so this was always a win situation for the pub.

The[y] offer a wide variety of both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, specializing in their wide variety of beers on tap and in bottles. Food is also available and it should be noted that the food is not kosher, but no pig products are used at this location (unlike the Rehovot pub which serves dishes that contain ham). They are very fond of foreignors [sic] in this pub and the staff speaks excellent English. During the early hours, traditional Irish music is played but toward the busy evening hours the lights are dimmed and the music becomes more rock and roll.

Theme: Eating and Drinking
Dress Code: Pants are a requirement.
Phone: +972-2-622-3612
Address: 4 Shamai Street, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Directions: Right off the Ben Yehuda Pedestrian mall. Behind the entrance to McDonald's.

Photo: Dublin Irish Pub sign, Jerusalem.

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