Saturday, April 25, 2015


Well, my older son graduated, lei and all. His roommates over the years, another pal, and his younger brother (red shirt) sent him off in Johnston style, as the photo at right celebrates. At this experimental community, where my wife and his mother also matriculated, each grad gets to pick who does these honors. In her companion essay, my wife celebrates this: My Old School, as she compares her ceremony to our son's.

So, I point you to it, for it gives the insight into the intensive Johnston community that I, a happy fellow-traveller, with but two alumni seminars and the 45th Renewal attended, can only gaze at enviously and respectfully. I can see, certainly, firsthand how my family's experience there has enriched us all: we get half of our family at the dinner table now able to share that formation. It is one where students and faculty combine to create their education, and they take the initiative to widen their perspective so as to improve the world, in their own relationships, studies, activities, and futures. I can see from my slight remove how my son's grown insightful and more confident of his opinions over the past four years, and I'm in awe of his media and musical expertise.

At our table, we have too another quarter of the nuclear core with his own take on "My Old School" now, seeing he attends the inspiration for that song, penned by two of its many famous semi-alums. I expect, notwithstanding, in two years to type another paean to another official college graduate here.

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