Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sennheiser HD429 Headphones: Review

I always wanted a pair of Sennheisers, and I found these via Amazon more cheaply ($60) than many previous reviewers report. My price limit happened to be that amount to replace an old Koss pair that I bought for on sale for $40 nearly a decade ago. As my cat tore out that pair's cord, I was apprehensive about purchasing another pair without no detachable cord.

But, given the price and the reputation of this brand, I went ahead. They fit far better than the Koss cans, and feature much more sound isolation. I like the design that sets them back a bit more on the head (at least mine, where the band hits the top of my scalp). They also don't come together on each hemisphere as snugly as other headphones, and while this may challenge those needing to tuck them into a backpack or hand luggage for travel, it may account for their fit. It's impressive, and they are easily worn for a couple of hours.

I needed them at work, as we were moved into cubicles. I can report they shut out copy machines, conversations, running water, and shouting of my colleagues quite effectively. Some may purchase them more for the audio quality, but I confess with the limited options I have in the office to hear music or isolate sounds to listen to willingly, the range is satisfactory at this price range, rather than astonishing. For the cost, however, they are well made, even if the slight rotation of the sidebars over the ears as the brackets may surprise those used (like me) to a stiffer pair and unbending design.

I'm not an audiophile, but these please me. I do worry about the thin cord. I wish these were detachable, as this is the weak point of any set so designed. I tied up part of the nine-foot cord with a twist-tie so it did not get caught up in the wheels of the chair or underfoot. They are lightweight, well-padded, and they sit snugly but not in too confining a way on the head and ears.

I recommend these, but I caution that the cord needs to be taken care of, and controlled if one is moving about a lot. They work well in a busy office environment and add as an "affordable luxury" an enhancement to one's environment. As a long time in-ear-user, the switch to a more conspicuous pair will, I hope, not go too noticed around me! (Amazon US 7-16-12)

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