Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wire's "Object 47": Music Review

Wire's now at version 3.5. Bruce Gilbert's departure after his low profile on the e.p. "Read & Burn 3" (which this resembles more than "Send") does not seem to have altered late-00s styles that Wire advances. For musicians at it about 35 years, they sound impressively energized in "One of Us" that rouses you to a propulsive beat at the start of this short record, and its closer, "All Fours," that resembles "Send" most in its more relentless aggression.

The middle shifts around. "Circumspect," "Mekon Headman," and "Perspex Icon" continue the pace of the opening track handsomely, and these first four songs raise hopes of a stimulating, intelligent effort to rival their late 80s version. But, "Four Long Years" sounds about as long, and slows the pace to a methodical step. "Head Currency" begins as a dance track, and then guitars kick in to upgrade this into a successful combination of electronic and guitar that pleased me.

"Patient Flees" brought my hopes down, plodding and spoken-word dull rhyme recital over an indifferent, faceless backing. I understand this "message" or intentional design might provoke me, but it did little to make me want to listen again to it. "Are You Ready?" as the penultimate track is a solid song, akin to much of later Wire in its steady beat.

This is a sort-of midtempo album compared to the renewed, unexpectedly vigorous industrial-strength assault on "Send" and even better their live interpretation as "The Scottish Play." It follows the more accessible songs on the ongoing "Read & Burn" e.p.'s. Fine, and few bands from the '77 era of punk bother to take their music seriously anymore, so I wish Wire well in continuing to remind us of how they and we can evolve. (Posted to Amazon US 7-17-10)


alanindyfed said...

unfolding the Dharma

Saturday, 24 July 2010
Green Light for Cork Buddhist Temple

See my blog for more......

Fionnchú said...

Alan, I saw Rigpa Ireland via your FB post. Looks ambitious. As long as it blends into rather than stands out from that lovely coast I hope to one day see, may the work go well.

alanindyfed said...

I'm sure it will blend in..... a little bit of Tibet in Ireland!
And a healthy dose of prajnaparamita ;-)