Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Luais Anainn": Léirmheas scannáin

Chonaic mé leis mo teaghlach le déanaí. Is brea mo dhá mac é. Ach, níl maith liom é.

Cén fáth? Bhuel, bhí ciapóga orm ag an scannán. Thuirseoidh sé an saol, go fírinne.

Aontaíonn an scannán obair ghalánta leis grinn gáifeach. Lionann sé leis loiceadóirí. Mar sin, taitníonn sé an scannán seo a déagóirí agus stócacaigh go leor.

Ach, níl mórán suime agam ann. Ní raibh aon chúis gháire ann. Bhí dóigh leis gur mór an seo é.

Iarraidh an scannán a comhléadh-- is ciotach-- "scéal ridireachta na liúdramán" leis andúileach drugaí leis tóraíocht an ghadhai gan fios a dhatha. Ar ndóigh, d'éirigh leis. Mar sin féin, ní mhólann mé sé le seanfhondúir.

"Pineapple Express": Film Review.

I saw this with my family recently. My two sons love it. But, I wasn't pleased with it.

What happened? Well, the film bored me. It wore the life out of me, in truth.

The film blends lively action with brash comedy. It's filled with slackers. Therefore, this film appeals to a lot of teenagers and young single guys.

Yet, there wasn't any interest in it for me. There was nothing to laugh at. It was trying to be funny.

The film aims to fuse together-- most clumsily-- a "romantic saga of loafers/ lanky lazy people" [="bromance?"] with drug-fiends with "a pursuit for the rogue with knowing nothing" [="wild goose chase"]. Naturally, it was a success. All the same, I do not recommend it to an old-timer.


tamerlane said...

You obviously didn't watch it stoned. Neither did I, so I was only mildly amused at best.

To see the two fine lead actors, playing similar roles, but with more nuance and meaning, check out "Geeks and Freaks."

Fionnchú said...

No, I didn't. Family night. I wonder if it was written on such chemicals, as it sure was flat and endless and disjointed and never ever laugh-out-loud funny. Even if I did like the scene when the Slurpee splashed across the cop car like blood, but that was about it.

My wife-- who liked "F & G" which I know is good but I never saw it (not much of a TV-watcher, me) defended "PE" as supporting male-bonding for the young crowd, but this seemed overly generous as she gave the same verdict to the equally plodding if somewhat more sober "I Love You Man." And being family night another time I saw "Observe & Report" which was far worse. These films get a comedy riff for ten minutes a scene, play off old cultural references, and it drags out like a failed SNL skit from the past, what, thirty years?

P.S. It bugged me that I never could figure out what the relationship between Rosie Perez and that guy who you see in all the films as the middle-aged white baddie was. The film seemed to mash three or four genres into a blender but it was no smoothie.

tamerlane said...

Oh, so 'twas a plot you were expecting?