Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stuff White People Like & Politically Incorrect Ads of Yesteryear

There may be crossover appeal here. There may be fodder for Cultural Studies majors. There may be even a bit of fun. Lighten up. Or, as Booker T. & the MG's might encourage us uptight otays, in Otis Day & the Knights style, "tighten up?"

Stuff White People Like
This site started only six weeks ago, here in L.A. It's up to 300,000 hits daily. The day after I had linked to it in my less trafficked blog, Gregory Rodríguez in the L.A. Times interviewed its founder; it's opined that as whites grapple in cities like ours with being another-- and I'd add often dismissed or derided by the media and trendsetters-- minority, that this type of satirical, yet analytical, blog is indeed fodder for Cultural Studies majors, so to speak.

"White Like Us":,0,1952462.column

I dashed off to White People's Like #73, "Oscar Party," after putting up this post originally yesterday. I add with pleasure my hearing Glen Hansard thank the Academy for his award 'as Gaeilge'. However, I think he used the singular 2nd person "agat" rather than "agaibh." Tilda Swinton's quoted in the Times post-celebration as wishing she could've spoken 'Gaelic' when accepting her statuette. As in Scots G.?

Politically Incorrect Ads of Yesteryear

Image: from the latter site, one of my many favorites. Rather nicely balanced "lay-out"-- of graphics and image, that is. N.B.: I don't drink coffee (#1 Like for Whites)--only the missus does. I'm not Mormon; I like tea. Worth your valuable time to scan through all the ads, one by one, to find your personal best.

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