Saturday, December 29, 2007

Irish-language Classes on You Tube

Cáemghen ua Fidgeinti uploaded videos of beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons in Irish. He posts to the Yahoo group "Learning Irish" that the content "consists of the classes I attend along with study sheets that go with each class that you can print out." The link's at the end of this blog entry.

Also, his Favorites at You Tube link to musical clips in Irish, vocal, instrumental, and sean-nós. At the site, Caemghen51 tells us:

This channel is specifically for providing resources for learning the Irish language using ongoing videos shot in a classroom setting. A link is provided next to each video lesson in which the learner can access the accompaning lesson handout sheets and print them out at home. So for all intents and purposes it puts the learner inside the classroom with everyone else and they can follow along and learn quite effectively. Most of the classes so far have been "intermediate" with a few "beginner" classes as well. I will be adding more beginner classes soon and "advanced" classes as well. Also, I have filmed quite a few Irish history classes, thanks to Pat Flannery, who holds a talk on the first Monday of each month on a different topic of Irish history.

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