Saturday, December 22, 2007

Googling "Welsh Republicanism"

This list follows yesterday's posted here on Welsh Nationalism links. I attempt to sort out promising material for the curious.

Welsh Republican Manifesto 1950:

Welsh Republican Comment. Reminiscent of much of what appeared on the Net a decade ago for Irish counterparts. Overlaps with other hits. A bit rough, as many such projects, but speaks for a particular brand of grassroots militancy that such patriotic movements depend on, now as for centuries.

Cymru Rhydd/ Free Wales: In the same mode as above-- updated last in 2005:

Ditto if more current: Balchder Cymru/ Pride of Wales:

Welsh "Socialist Republican": Much terser than WRC entry. Anti-monarchy.

Resurgence Cymru/ Cymru Fydd: "Meme warfare for Welsh Liberation."

John Barnard Jenkins, of MAC, Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru: 21 May 2006 post by Anthony Brockway at "Babylon Wales":

Cliff Bere's obituary in the Guardian, 1997, by Meic Stephens. A polemicist in the positive sense, active in the 1950s and 60s:

Dennis Coslett's obituary, 2004, by Meic Stephens. Commander of Free Wales Army. A eye-patched heir to the vision of Pádraig Pearse?

Harri Webb's obituary, 1996, by Meic Stephens, a one-time housemate. Poet and activist.

Julian Cayo-Evans-- tribute to FWA activist and, admittedly, a great raconteur:

BBC clip of 1968 FWA march:

The Red Dragon Hood: Cool Cymru t-shirts, including "Daffodil Soldier." Memoir of a 12-year-old's learning in 1969 about the FWA. (I, as a child even younger far away, recall my delight at reading about the protests against the Investiture in National Geographic!)

Welsh Republican Army/ Byddin Weriniaethol Gymreig:

Cymuned: Local activism to keep housing affordable, jobs local, and a sustainable Welsh-speaking community. "The price of a pint a month CAN change the world!" (a good source for Welsh history & culture) has a helpful essay on Welsh poets of the later 20c who often championed republican and national themes:

Y Lolfa: Began as printers for the Welsh Language Movement/ Cymdeithas Yr Iaeth in the 60s, now (along with Gwasg Gomer) the leading indie publisher in both languages.

Click here for a particularly appropriate title by Harri Webb:

Image: "Rhyfel y Sais Bach": uprising against the Land Enclosures 1819-26. Celts have long memories. See Eirian Jones' account of "The War of the Little Englishman":

Image courtesy of one of Gethin 'ap Iesytn' Gruffydd's many spirited blogs, full of archival lore, past and present, testifying to a long commitment, during his life and his ancestors, for the cause.

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