Sunday, April 8, 2007

Required reading for Introverts & Their Discontents...

My dear wife referred to this article in one of her practically daily posts lamenting my attitude, and so I post the link here for added visibility. Re-reading the article and reading today for the first time the follow-up comments to the writer's own follow-up interview, I realize and humbly admit I can see from the heated comments added by both exes and current partners of introverts how damned difficult we are to endure and amuse and browbeat. Point taken.

I recommend this article, in a spirit of compromise and greater domestic bliss to anyone who is an introvert or has to live with or possibly even love a hapless shrinking violet from those of us who comprise "a minority in the regular population but a majority in the gifted population." Jonathan Rauch (presumably Jewish not Irish, ok? So don't blame my repressed blue-collar upbringing when you can shift the problem onto a Yiddische mama) offers us his March 2003 article from The Atlantic, "Caring for Your Introvert." (See those two follow-up interview sidebar links under "Atlantic Unbound" at the right of the headline in which JR ponders perhaps ruefully given his druthers his publication's fame) Care if not feeding of introverts: (for the latter, my recent posts or my wife's or her foodie site will more than suffice).

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