Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feral Kitten Update: Habemus Pasquale!

Yes, Pasquale lives and thrives. Had to put this post from the IFSB list below up since one of our animal-loving neighbors misunderstood and thought I had rescued the kitten, although how I in SoCal could have plucked it from a nor'easter three thousand miles away, so fierce it gained the East Coasters two more days to file their tax returns, is a bit beyond even my spiritual, sensory, or supernatural powers.

Greetings everyone!

I am pleased to report that the little black kitten we found in our
back yard yesterday managed to stay warm (safe in a box with a heating
pad and towels), survived the night, ate and ate (and ate), burped,
and peed, and ate some more.

Through our veterinarian, my wife was able to find a home for the
kitten. He has joined the new litter of a mother cat, and now has a
real mother and new siblings (who are also within a day of his age).
Needles to say, we are very pleased.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, encouragement, and helpful
advice. Your prayers are especially efficacious-
- everyone told us we
wouldn't be able to find a home for this wee one, and yet,
within a day, it was granted to us (and to him).

When we were asked what the kitten's name was, the answer was easy-- a
little boy, born about seven days ago, within the Octave of Easter?

Pasquale, of course.

In thanksgiving for your prayers, and for this small mercy,

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