Sunday, March 26, 2017

"V for Vendetta": Audiobook Review

"The inch of integrity"
Would you consider the audio edition of V for Vendetta to be better than the print version?
You need to read the graphic novel first. Then the film, Then this. All 3 merit respect. They all adapt their chosen medium well. While anyone will turn to the Alan Moore-David Lloyd ur-text, I approve of all three versions as worthy. They elaborate the story for each format.

What did you like best about this story?
Steve Moore's novelization allows you to "see" in the mind's eye images that compliment the original source written by (here uncredited by his request) Alan Moore and the cinematic adaptation of the Wachowksy Brothers' script.Themes are deepened at nine hours that the film could not suggest, and I was pleased how intelligently composed was the novelization. It can stand on its own as a deserving representative of the source. It's smart and it's moving. Anarchism at its best. 

Which scene was your favorite?
Evie's enlightenment. No spoilers, but Simon Vance delivers this tale with deft and subtle readings of the dramatized text. He's the perfect "British" voice to convey irony and emotion.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
I found, listening to this the week of the Westminster Bridge attack in London near the very Parliament of this narrative, eerie similarities. And the way a demagogue exploits the fears of a populace, naturally, is not only akin to the way totalitarian and fascist regimes operate. The 20th chapter delves into the rise of the ruling class well in this dystopia, and it remains both prescient and wise. It takes a side, but it is fair to the opponents even as it condemns. It is a sophisticated morality tale, and it is not the facile depiction of an avenger, but a careful study of opposition, and the price it costs more than one key character, dramatically.

Any additional comments?
The storyline takes care to not glorify any deaths or sufferings. Not an easy feat. There is no exploitative violence or sabotage, The Guy Fawkes echoes resonate. And we see how V's message inspires not only the expected dissidents, but others who are surprised to hear it. (Audible US 3/25/17) 

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