Friday, September 10, 2010

Ag lorg tae nua

Chuir cuairt mé an mí seo caite chuig ár chairde in aice leis Naomh Crios. D'imigh mo teaghlach a feiceáil siad. Bhí Crios agus Bob tae brea cuanna go minic ina cistin acu.

Bheul, rinne mé dearmad. Bhí mé imithe as mo chuimhne. Ní thug mé tae liomsa chomh go coitanta ar an turas.

Ní raibh tae ina teach ar cíos ansin fós.Fhiafraigh Niall chuig Crios má thabharfadh a h-athair tae beag ó ár chara. Chuir Crios suas cuid tae Siolánaigh.

D'ól mé an tae nua. Baineadh stad asam le hiontas. Bhí maith liom é go leor.

Bhí sobhlas é. Is ainm é "Dúiche Lheim na Leannáin." Cé go bhfuil tae níos dorchaí, measaim go bhfuil blas chomh tae glas agus mín talamh leis meala air.

Ní fhaca "Leim na Leannáin" taobh amuigh de an margadh "Duilleoig Nua" ina ceantar ag imeall an teach na Crios agus Bob. Tá tae órga agus sléibhteach go blasta ach fínéalta agam ann. B'fhéidir, an gheobhaidh mé eolas le dáileadh de An Siolán Watte Series from Dilmah? Inseoidh mé nuacht níos mo faoi taennaí difriúlaí agaibh go scríobh mé an am seo chugainn ina h-aiste as Gaeilge anseo.

Seeking new tea

We paid a visit this past month to our friends near Santa Cruz. My family went off to see them. Chris and Bob have fine elegant tea often in their kitchen.

Well, I made a mistake. It slipped my mind. I did not bring my own tea as usual on a trip.

There was no tea in the house for rent, furthermore. Niall asked Chris if his father could get a little tea from our friend. Chris sent down a share of Ceylon tea.

I drank the new tea. It took me by surprise. It pleased me a lot.

It was a pleasant taste. It's name's "Lover's Leap Estate." Although it may be darker tea, I reckon that it may be a greenish tea flavor and a bit of earth and honey in it.

I have not seen "Lover's Leap" outside of the "New Leaf" market in the district around Chris and Bob's house. The golden, mountainous tea's tasty and delicate for me. Perhaps, will I find information from the distributor in Sri Lanka Watte Series from Dilmah? I will tell you all more news about various teas the next time that I write an entry in Irish here.


harry said...

Yes, there are many "estates" teas from, quite literally specific estates in Sri Lanka... what we've known, of course, as Ceylon tea but all very different. It seems not just a marketing nod to wines/varietals/regions, but that these estates do produce very distinct teas. I first drank some after a professor at UCSC gave me some.. a friend of hers imports it. I talked to the local tea shop expert who said these teas are not ususally available in the US, try Canada. And then to my surprise I saw it on the shelves of the local market. A great change of pace... full bodied but refreshing and subtle. Now, translate all that into Gaelic John.

John L. Murphy / "Fionnchú" said...

I have been looking here for it, HRH, in vain so far (except it's online, and I'd have to do the math to see if it works in my favor) after being inspired by finding it at New Leaf and your abode.

I wrote the US distributor but the e-mail bounced back, not a good sign. If your friend of a friend can offer any leads, I'd be grateful.

That is a lot in Gaelic, but a follow-up to be posted here discusses "Lover's Leap" in English! Happy moments over a fragrant cup for you up there.