Friday, November 30, 2007

Learning Irish Gaelic: My Amazon List

Here's 40 items: I maxed out. Shameless self-promotion, but I had to pay for many of these myself. I think I deserve some freebies now. As my blurb there introduces them:

Learning Irish Gaelic

A Listmania! list by John L Murphy "Fionnchú" (Los Angeles)
John L Murphy says: "I've studied Irish off and on, living in the U.S., from books and tapes. While I have attended an immersion course in Ireland (Oideas Gael, Glencolmcille in Donegal), most of my learning has been on a self-taught basis. Irish does not come easily to me, but the pleasures from self-disciplined study make the halting ability for me to read the language of my ancestors utterly rewarding. Therefore, my recommendations tend towards the materials that will help the independent learner of the Irish language. Also, my emphasis may be more towards a reading knowledge rather than spoken fluency. For the latter, attend classes, preferably in Ireland!"

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