Friday, August 10, 2007

Joyce's Ulysses Podcast: Paigerella

One man takes on reciting it all. Looks and must be genially manic, shares my now-dormant but once in dreams Madonna fetish (but I preferred her dark roots, attracted to brunettes rather than the drugstore dyed blonde), chose the great Marilyn Monroe reads "Penelope" photo that graces my Literature course site on E-College. Paige Boy reads the whole novel and is in the middle of "Cyclops," poor lad, at present. Isn't this a great Etch-a-Sketch of James Aloysius Joyce?

Also, admire this beautiful postcard from P's site. Note the fireworks bursting from the delta hidden beneath her decorously crossed stance within an invitingly open dress. Brilliant image. Reminds me of a provocative Cartier-Bresson photograph with a woman's face obscured behind an open book, her sexy legs curled out endlessly from under her elegant short skirt as she reclines on a divan, coy cover in hand. The paperback here is the overseas Penguin (Martello Tower on the front) that you cannot buy here due to copyright. Is Gertie reading about herself? Not from where her eyes and hand now join, but perhaps "Nausicaa" at the bookmark? As for the postcard, I recall seeing another one with a McCoy quote similarly enlarged, perhaps at a public place when scurrying about Dublin-- already long ago but only two weeks gone but alive in memory. As is June 15, 1904 for us all, thanks to one Dubliner who stayed with Gogarty & Trench but less than a week one September at the Tower, another genial maniac.

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