Sunday, July 22, 2007

Milwaukee Dan & Me!

Proof of one of only six pints I drank in my Irish stay. Proof too of my own largess, although the wife will never believe it, as I bought the fine fellow shown beside me his Smithwick's. Proof that my order placed in Irish resulted in him getting not his black death but my brown affliction. Here's below in my cod-Irish and blowhard Béarla a note I posted with this photo placed on Flickr. I had only visited this site once, to find out just last month about Jim Fitzpatrick for my Horslips research as he has a fine site there. But my friend in Belfast raved about the photo-sharing site's possibilities, and I promised her I'd sign on. Now, half a day after my return to the sprawl of smog (did you know by 2050, the population of Italy will equal that of An Stat Órga, The Golden State? And judging from the loss of untouched hillsides on my street, a large portion of newcomers account for the bulldozers and signs for what speculators deem lots for sale and I call open space.) I check my mail to find from my first week at Oideas Gael that my bus companion straight outta Stab City Limerick, Milwaukee Dan, has today uploaded his fine shots. I show the one of him with yours truly at our last night at Roarty's.

Go raibh maith agat, Dhónallín a chara dhil. Seachtaine seo chugainn, i ndiadh chuaigh seisean sé Ghleann Cholm Cille, tháinig foghlaimeoraí fasta go leor Milwaukee díobh. Baileoidh mé grianghrafaí agam ar an idirlíon ar Flikr freisin. Ach, d'fhill mé abhaile aréir ó mBaile átha Cliath aréir-- tá tuirse orm inniu! Nuair déanaim sin, seolaidh mé cuireadh a feiceann seo go gasta! Tá súil agam go mbeidh mhic léinn eile de Oideas Gael go dtaispéana siad pictíuraí acu fosta. Is maith liom lionláithréan agat. Seachtaine seo caite, d'fhoglaim agamsa faoi Flickr, mar sin bhí mian liom a ceangal air!
B'fhéidir, buailfaidmid linn arís in na Gleann nó bus orthu as Luimhneach, go bhfóire Dé arainn!

Thanks, good buddy Dan. The week after you left Glencolmcille, lots of learners came from Milwaukee. I'll get my own photographs up on the net at Flicker soon. But, I got back last night from Dublin-- I'm tired today! When I do that, I'll send you them right away. I hope that the other students from Oideas Gael will show their photos too. I like your website. Only last week, I learned about Flickr, so I wanted to join! Perhaps we'll meet again in the Glen or on the bus from Limerick, God willing.

Best wishes from L.A./ slán go foill as Cathair na nAingeal!

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Cathain said...


Tell your wife that you are a generous soul with your money, but I am sure she already knew that. You have a fine Website here. Next time, I will buy, but I will order in English. If I order in Irish we may get Whiskey, Bailey's or who knows what.

Milwaukee Dan