Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Yu Ming is ainm dom"

Daniel O'Hara's award-winning short (14 min.) film {"My Name is Yu Ming"} viewable at Atom Films's site below, shows the reality of the "first official language" (a phrase of Dev's to be sure, given its exactitude and canny realism aligned with aspirations of the truncated and incomplete Free State in its constitution) as experienced by a young man from China. More would give too much away. I note that when Yu Ming checks out a book on Gaeilge, it's the exact one that I reviewed earlier today, "Gaeilge agus Failte." Yu Ming, careful student (ta se ag foghlaim go curamach!), would not have made the misapprehension if he had read the book as carefully as he must have! But that'd spoil the plot. The film does take poetic license with Yu Ming's perceptions of today's Irish within today's Ireland, however, to hone its dramatic point, poignant and comic both.">

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fearn said...

Seoidín scannánaíochta é cinnte.